Year One – Giant Rock Podcast

Jeff Crawford goes over the some of the best moments of the last 12 months of the Giant Rock Podcast with Baba Here Love. We played off by going over serval subjects and inspirations. Some interesting facts about George Van Tassel that was learned this last year also. Almost three hours here and now with Giant Rock Podcast. ” We Are All Gurus”

Music –
Classwar Karaoke –  “dub8”
Blake Boyer – “Gobinday

Sound Inserts (in order)
Hitchcock Presents Theme
Alan Watts – “What is Life?”
Bill Hicks – “Lizard people from LA”
Jim Morrison – “West is The Best”
Field of Dreams Bits
David Bowie – Comments on “The Man Who Sold The World”
Easy E and MC Ren on Police Brutality
Biggie Smalls – More Money, More Problems Quote
Ram Dass – “We are All Here”
1956 Man from Yucca Valley talks about UFO's
1968 Berkeley People's Park
George Van Tassel
“Suppressed Free Energy Technologies in 1962”
1958 Giant Rock UFO Conference ,Coverage by
CBS Television with Walter Cronkite

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