Director / Producer

Jeffrey Crawford

40 years in broadcasting, film production and postproduction for hundreds of television stations worldwide. First to stream music videos for Mark Cubans as well as YouTube Partner Subscriber Award Winner. Multiple Billboard Award Winner for music video programming the music video show, Bohemia AfterDark. In 2003 Bohemia Visual Music started as a 24/7 music video multi-regional network: Phoenix KPHE, Lotus Communications, Portland KORS. Watch TV Inc., Los Angeles KDOC, Ellis Communications, Fresno KJKZ , Cocola Broadcasting, Key West WGAY , Proud TV, Temecula KZSW, Three Angels Broadcasting, BVMTV first created music videos for YouTube in 2007 with well over 500,000 subscribers and billions of views. Jeff directed No On Measure 9, a Human rights documentary which highlights interviews from a benefit concert headlined by Nirvana. 

The Big Mountain Dispute: A short forum documentary relevant to the land dispute in the Hopi and Navajo nations. Lived in 1960’s Yucca Valley and was lost for three days and two nights In the desert at age 5. Marine’s combed the desert for me for both days and nights with. My contact is due to flashbacks of encounters. Decades of contact and sightings. 40 years later drawn into self discovery which directed me to Landers, California to the works of George Van Tassels Integratron and the Giant Rock area five years ago.


Baba Here Love

Hello Alice,
I created my page for an Alice to find. She finds the white rabbit which is following me on Facebook. This is not an accident, it’s a fully determined process of awakening to Oneness. Everything is part of awakening. Then she or he (Alice) tumbles down many multimedia rabbit holes which are the main profile page or the album sections that have original poetry, links, videos I put together, Ebooks, an audiobook, teachings, live be here now stuff, bubba the Buddha, artwork and all kinds of creative spiritual stuff. This is aligned with my take, so to speak, on the teachings of be here now a book by Ram Dass and the lineage of Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji.
It comes from a place in my heart where we are all One. It’s SEVA. Touching even one heart for one moment, you touch the entire everything. You touch all beings, all levels, all universes and it’s all connected. It’s a great creative flower with cosmic giggling petals that I lay at your lotus feet Ma. Here in Love, we are Love.
I also do FREE spiritual advising through Facebook messenger. Reach out only if you are drawn to.
Welcome to the wonderland of now
By Baba Here Love

We are all mad here
Deeper into divine madness
Magic theater admits one
Only One
It’s all One being
Into our madness you are seeing
We are waiting
We are all here
Come home baby
Do you know this is all for you to awaken to you?
Do you know that you are the illusion and what is beyond illusion?
Have you made it up for spacious air?
We call to you into our divine madness
Tears and laughter
Rage and humor
Cosmic all
The mystic mad hatter won’t stop laughing
Will you start laughing or at least