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Spiritual bipolar: how I got the cosmic joke

By South Jersey Baba (Baba Here Love) a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji

An autobiographical spiritual comedy journey that is written to blow your mind, open your heart and help you GROK the cosmic joke. It is a reincarnated angel’s tale of spiritual oneness, mental illness, the nut house, psychedelic drugs, gurus, meditation, romantic longing, mystical experience and the lesson of humility.

“To Maharaj-ji, of whose ashirbad (blessing) this is a manifestation.”
From be here now by Ram Dass

Maharajji gave his blessing to Ram Dass for his book on the physical plane. He has given me his blessing (ashirbad) for my book through the astral plane which is just as relatively real as the physical plane.

The Gazebo

A poetry novel based on true stories by Baba Here Love

Forget chapters! And really forget ordinary novel formula. This oneness-woke novel is a stream of consciousness style poetic sermon from deep within our here now hearts. Wipe the white off your skin and dive into the heart of Africa as the Amerikkkan ego does. Don’t let echoes from Trump Land confuse you, the revolution is NOW! It has romantic love, real deal gritty humanity, extraordinary miraculous stories, lessons that touch many levels, poetry, extra terrestrial intelligence, tantric sex, psychedelic trips, and of course a mind blowing message. Follow Tyler’s story as scenes around the gazebo, a holy place, become the bones of this book. Find the essence in it and let go of the fleshy sensory lust. It’s all One  😮

The scream of the butterfly! Tantric love poetry

Let the mystic poetry wash over you. Inspired by the rollercoaster romance with my tantric sex partner and spiritual wife, you. It’s all one. It’s all connected aka we are all married to it all as it allEmbrace the paradox and make love to the mystery. Quiet the mind as you hear the scream of the butterfly 🙂 🙂

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