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Baba Here Love can help guided spiritual practices, make suggestions, Baba does the energy readings, attempt to communicate with passed on people, listen to any issues about spiritual progress, vibration transmission, dream interpretation, make regular spiritual advice concerning what you tell Baba, listen to your problems and give spiritual related advice, guided meditations, through video, audio or typing… his ebooks are free, Baba has albums filled with spiritual related videos, articles… tons of poetry. All of this is free and I do it when He can or do it by appointment, donations are not required but after we work together He may occasionally ask for one, feel free to refuse for any reasons as donations must come from your heart… but remember all this is free and donations are not required… (Spiritual Advisor, Author, Poet, Multimedia artist, podcast host)

Audiobook / Ebooks: 




Baba’s podcast with many episodes all about spirituality and topics related to that theme 


The spiritual communist party Baba founded


Watch video introduction before requesting to be a member 


So, the scream of the butterfly Facebook album

A tantric sexuality Facebook album with lessons, poetry, stories, videos, and pictures

Do you hear the scream of the butterfly 


And the American Bible Facebook album a mind blowing multimedia experience but first burn an American flag, and light up some incense


Guru Blake Boyer
“What A Steal”

Support the show (https://cash.app/$2Dabs)

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