Joshua Tree Musician, Journalist and Historian – Steve “Shanghai” Brown

Steve “Shanghai” Brown is a Joshua Tree-based journalist, historian, and musician. Brown is currently working on a number of television and video projects, including Season 3 of his travel show for PBS, Southwest Stories, and has a magazine story coming out in March, 2021, on the U.S. Army’s camel driver, Hi Jolly. Steve runs Mojave Watch, a desert issues and public awareness website, is partnering with the Oregon-California Trails Association to produce historical trails videos, plays drums for three-time NAMMY (Native American Music Awards) winner Steve Rushingwind and The Native Groove, and plays Greek music with his wife, and is working on new pirate and sea music as Shanghai Brown and The Sweet Trade. Sometimes he can be found wandering the desert with his Mojave Sand Leopard.


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