Giant Rock Podcast with Inspirational Teachers Ian and Melanie Bright

Ian and Melanie Bright
He didn’t believe in UFOs.
She was a believer.
One statement changed his world. She said, “Go look it up yourself.”
Melanie and Ian are hosts of a human-initiated UFO contact channel called ET Connections on
YouTube. For the last three years, they have been initiating contact with our cosmic friends and
have had great success. From sparkling craft in the sky to disembodied footsteps behind them,
their experiences are varied and vast.
Moreso, they attribute their great contact experiences to their in-depth inner-work (shadow
work). Together they helped one another heal the wounds of past marriages and childhood
traumas with love, patience, and acceptance. During the three years of contact work, ET,
terrestrial and celestial beings have all confirmed that inner work is a key ingredient for
successful contact work.
Outside of ET Connections, Ian is an award-winning photographer and a graphic designer.
Melanie is an inner-life coach specializing in shadow work and is also a book editor specializing
in positive-paranormal (fiction and nonfiction) and spirituality.

  • Music By: Blake Boyer “Adi Shakti”

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