Giant Rock Podcast with Guests Shellie Hanley and Paul Thorne

Hosts Jeff Crawford and Chad C. Meek have a conversation with Guests Shellie Hanley and Paul Thorne. Starting our conversation with our first guest Shelly Hanley who is Harpist from New Zealand. Having NDE (near-death experiences) She has been through a rebirth from her Star Family few years back. Many years of contacting the Angelic cognition of her inner self, Shellie is found her journey and quests are just beginning. Shellie’s art, photography, and especially her harp playing that soothes the soul of vibrations.
Shellie Hanley’s Facebook Link:

Paul Thorne is from the UK and is a contactee and photographer of inter-dimensional beings and years of photographing the crafts and being since his early childhood. Paul is very reserved person who is telling his experiences for the first time for everyone. 

Paul Thornes Facebook Link:

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