Giant Rock Podcast with Contactee Robert Earl White

Robert Earl White: When a triangular UFO crashed in the marsh behind Robert’s family home in southern NJ in 1991, it forever changed his view of reality. He watched his mother ridiculed and mocked when she tried to share her experience in her small town. He learned at a young age that sometimes silence means survival. Mere months after his mother’s passing, he finally uncovered proof to validate her claims, and he knew the time for silence was over. When he released his first documentary, the sudden influx of messages from abductees and UFO experiencers prompted Robert to start a group for them all to come together to listen to each other and try to heal. As the founder of the Order of Light, he aims to provide a safe space for people of differing beliefs and backgrounds to share and learn from each other.

Order Of Light” Facebook page

YouTube: UFO crash documentary Part 1

YouTube: UFO crash documentary Part 2

YouTube: CE5 meditation UFO contact video

I Am History (with Robert Earl White on vox)

I Am History album Visions on CI Records from Gettysburg PA song name King Tut

Song Visions live from our cd release show

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