Giant Rock Podcast with Consciousness Ambassador Ely Pazur

Ely Pazur always had an interest in the paranormal. Ely was raised Jewish, and went to synagogue for holidays such as Passover. In my later teenage years, after a Passover Seder my dad had mentioned that there was a theory that Moses was given the Ten Commandments from aliens on top of Mount Sinai. He was extremely fascinated with this “theory” and had to dive deeper into this. He has been falling down the rabbit hole ever since. 

Ely have had many sightings and visitations with crafts, or beings of light manifesting as light, throughout the world. My experiences have been very loving and inspiring. The different sightings and encounters that he had. One was in Idyllwild, California. One of the most loving feelings and beautiful sightings that he have ever had. He was not alone when witnessing this event. One was in Jerusalem, Israel, at the temple mount, and involves working with Crystal Skull energies, Ely is also an explorer of. The Crystal Skull phenomena as working with them. Since Crystal Skulls have a part to play in the expansion of consciousness. 

When Ely was 18, He began to explore meditation, as a way of managing my anxiety. Though, quickly turning very deep in exploration soon after. He started working with the crystal kingdom in his meditation practices. He soon began to learn and activate his chakra system. Ely met one of his angelic spirit guides soon after who he continue to work with. Ely explored his inner temple, deep in the sacred place of the heart. He then began to have out-of-body experiences which he was training for. He explored the higher realms with his guide taking him to an astral city which can be described as heaven in a sense of how amazing the energies are at these higher dimensions. This is also when he was reconnected to the Crystal Skull Network or Grid. He could see and feel auric fields. He can see and sense blockages in peoples chakra systems. At times he is a medium. He has had and continue to have telepathic communication with various beings, not just angelic or celestial beings but cosmic beings. 

Now, Ely is a mentor for those seeking meditation and looking to further their journey into personal and soul development. He also started the Cosmic Gatherings group, which is only a little over 3 months old and is picking up momentum. Ely’s intuition says this will become much bigger than he would ever expected it to be. He has certain goals for the group, and above all else, to do his part to advance the awareness of all humanity, Earth, and for our cosmic family and friends. It is and always has been about raising consciousness. This is the main focus of our work in the group, and to also plan and organize gatherings across the world. Right now, it is in the beginning phase, and as we continue to gather and experience what we are experiencing, the momentum will continue to grow. 

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