Erin Montgomery ; Author, Shawomen, Contactee, Starseed, Traveler, Therapist.

Guest Erin Montgomery with her inspiration as a cosmic therapist. Baba Here Love and Host Jeff Crawford cover her backstory and other religion that relate to Eastern religion's.  Rastafarian Religion that see the earth as a paradise is covered along with about the first contactee's. 

Links –

Erin Montgomery 

Baba Here Love 

Jeff Crawford 

Music –

Filmy Ghost (Sábila Orbe) – “Connection with the 4th Dimension”
Guru Blake Boyer – What A Steal
The Fresharmonic Orchestra – “Smooth As Glass”
Bode Frequency  – “Aliens 13 (No Drums)”
Bode Frequency – “Aliens 13 (Main Mix)”

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