Energy Practitioner Dan Dattilo with trainee Garret

Over a year since Host Jeff Crawford has talked with Dan Dattilo and he brought his trainee Garret who himself has many UFO experiences. Dan who is Self Mastery Energy Practitioner, Meditation Instructor, Quantum Remote Healer. Study Meditation for 25 years traditional buddhism. Study consciousness  Intuitive Energy practices for the past 6 years. Teaching is variety of physical Paranormal perception abilities on his Patreon. has a meet up group out of Chicago area. His psychic practices are completely defines all levels of physics experienced extraterrestrials contact and have photograph prove it. New ability that he has experienced and mastered is mind-boggling completely Paranormal to the point that you can physically feel energy right through your own smart phone screen and as the potential to even heal cancer. absolutely amazing Practitioner a Real living Jedi including a very talented Woodworking Artist. 

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