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Shexist Born and raised in Central California, Adriana Magana aka Shexist was created with music in her heart. She landed in Los Angeles California in 1999, at the turn of the millennium. Beginning at the time of her arrival – and under several artistic names and guises, she began working with local Artists and Producers in the Los Angeles underground Hip Hop and Electronic music scenes. She has worked her way from studio to studio co-creating and recording on many and myriad projects. Shexist has recorded, guest performed and/or shared the stage with legendary artist Phoenix Orion, Dutch audio / visual fine artist and electronic music producer 0010×0010, Zen r.el.z.m of The Visionaries, Storyteller and futurist Mark Gonzalez, Grammy Nominated artist Spontaneous, Brendan Russell, European producer/artist Mirrorman, Mr. Moods of Dusted Wax Kingdom, TAWk, Dead Prez, Goapele, The 7Seven Sisters and more. The growth earned with her music experience has crystalized Shexist. Having captured a unique frequency and sound, she sheds light on important issues and ideas that deserve attention in an ever-shifting world.

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Elliot Next began his art training over 20 years ago in Chicago when it was obvious, even as a child, that he had passion and talent. Born to a musical and artistic family, Elliot’s talent was encouraged with a steady and intensive art curriculum in addition to traditional education through high school. By his senior year, he was an assistant art teacher at his high school.

Elliot Next studied Graphic Communications, Fine Art and Interactive Multimedia in College. In his fifteen-year career, Elliot has gained an expansive understanding of design. With experience in web, print, fabrications of materials, and more, Elliot’s vision has launched brands ranging from a gluten free grocer in Burbank California, a tool, and die cut plant in Chicago Illinois, and a Southern California Music Festival, You Bloom.

It was during this time that Elliot began playing and writing music and making a name for himself locally as a DJ. Armed with a MIDI controller, he began writing EDM tracks heavily influenced by his love of UK DubStep, Garage, Chicago House and Break Beat. Elliot Has Been a professional DJ since his first warehouse event in 2006.

Since then, Elliot Moved his love of music and nightlight into the field of event production. having produced over 300 live events in LA since 2010. His Music and Live event experience eventually brought him to becoming the LA event director for the international music festival and industry conference Youbloom. During all of this, Elliot has spoken on industry panels about his experiences, worked in A&R capacity for several industry entities, and acted as a business manager, as well as a tour manager for several acts from all genres including hip-hop, electronic, rock & roll to name a few.

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